Chemical Resistant Flooring

What does chemical resistance mean? 

Chemical resistance is the strength of a material necessary to protect against chemical attack or solvent reaction.  Chemical resistance typically describes to what extent a material can maintain its resistance to harsh chemicals.

A chemical resistance chart (shown below} may be used to see the relative resistance of materials.

As a value engineering manufacturer and installer of chemical resistant flooring, we can tailor make a product to suit your specific and unique requirements.

Chemical resistance is the ability of a material to withstand chemical attack.  A material with high chemical resistance has a far less chance of corrosion.  A material with a low chemical resistance generally results in swelling or softening of the material, hence the material loses serviceability.  When testing a material for chemical resistance, several critical factors include:

  • Temperature
  • Concentration of chemicals
  • Exposure duration
  • Mechanical load

Prime Polymers’ full line of chemical resistant flooring will help prevent damage from exposure to corrosive chemicals. Additionally, our high performance chemical resistant flooring systems will help to ensure your facility, employees, visitors and equipment are safe.

Every Prime Polymer flooring system yields some kind of protection against chemical damage.  The industrial flooring experts at Prime Polymers will work with you to determine the best chemical resistant flooring system to install within your budget.

Our installation teams will ensure the job is completed to your utmost satisfaction with as little down time as possible.

If your facility could use chemical resistant floor coating from a highly experience team of flooring experts, give Prime Polymers a call today!