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Ashford Formula Concrete Sealer

This sealer densifies concrete surfaces into a solid mass by penetrating the concrete and chemically filling the pores from within.  This application chemically hardens the concrete surface and increases the abrasion resistance by 32%.  It will combine with calcium hydroxide in the concrete and completely dustproof the surface. 

The Ashford formula concrete sealer will protect equipment and inventory from concrete dusting.  This is a one-time permanent solution.   This system is inorganic, nontoxic, VOC free, colorless and odorless.  On a machine troweled surface, it will develop a sheen overtime from regular cleaning from a mechanical scrubber. The Ashford formula sealer provided by Prime Polymers, is one of the top and most effective concrete sealers available to businesses today.

Businesses That Can Benefit From Penetrating Sealers

Restaurants and Food Service Establishments

Restaurants and food service establishments are bustling environments where maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is paramount. However, these establishments often face the challenge of frequent spills, heavy foot traffic, dust and the need for constant cleaning.

Most concrete floors, with their porous nature, are prone to staining and can absorb moisture, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. This is where Ashford Formula sealer comes in as a valuable solution. By forming a non-porous, stain-resistant surface on concrete floor surfaces, it not only makes cleaning easier but also helps maintain a high level of hygiene. Additionally, this acrylic sealer prevents moisture absorption, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring a safe and pristine environment for customers and staff alike.

Aircraft Hangars

Airplanes often drip oil and fuel which can be tough on the concrete slabs in aircraft hangars. Over time, this can lead to surface deterioration, compromising the structural integrity of the hangar floor. Furthermore, aircraft hangars need to resist moisture absorption, and dust to protect sensitive equipment and aircraft components.

This concrete sealer provides an effective solution by creating a robust acrylic barrier on the concrete slab. The barrier prevents the penetration of harmful chemicals and moisture, significantly extending the lifespan of the hangar’s floors. By reducing maintenance requirements and preserving the concrete floor, the acrylic sealers offers cost savings, and ensures a safe and reliable environment for aircraft storage and maintenance.

Sports Facilities

Sporting facilities endure constant activity and exposure to various elements. The challenge lies in maintaining the durability and safety of the floors, which face high foot traffic chemical exposure from cleaning and maintenance. Concrete can wear quickly under these demanding conditions.

Ashford Formula sealer offers an ideal solution by enhancing the durability of the concrete floors. Its application results in a non-absorbent surface that can withstand the rigors of moisture and chemical cleaners. This significantly reduces the need for frequent maintenance, thereby saving time and resources, while ensuring that sports enthusiasts can enjoy a safe and well-maintained environment.

Museums and Art Galleries

Museums and art galleries house priceless artifacts and artworks that require meticulous preservation. Significant challenges faced by these institutions is maintaining stable environmental conditions to protect exhibits from dust and moisture. Floors can absorb and release moisture, leading to fluctuating humidity levels that can be detrimental to delicate items.

Using our concrete sealer plays a crucial role in addressing this challenge by stabilizing humidity levels within these spaces. By preventing moisture absorption, it creates a controlled environment that is essential for preserving valuable artworks and artifacts. This not only safeguards cultural treasures but also ensures that visitors can enjoy these magnificent pieces of art for generations to come.

Data Centers

Any area with mission-critical environments demand precise control over concrete dusting, temperature and humidity to protect sensitive equipment and data. Dust and moisture can jeopardized the reliability of equipment and data integrity.

Ashford Formula, as a sealer for concrete floors, is a reliable solution that safeguards data centers by resisting moisture absorption and concrete minimizing concrete dusting. By keeping a dry and controlled environment, it protects critical equipment from potential damage and helps maintain uninterrupted operations. This added layer of protection contributes to the overall resilience and reliability of data centers, supporting the continuity of essential services.

Pharmaceutical Laboratories

Pharmaceutical laboratories are dedicated to research, development, and production of vital medications and healthcare products. The challenge lies in maintaining stringent cleanliness and sterile conditions. The concrete flooring can hinder these efforts by absorbing moisture and chemicals, making them challenging to clean and maintain at the required hygiene levels.

By sealing the concrete, a non-porous, moisture-resistant surface is created. The floor becomes easier to clean and disinfect, facilitating the maintenance of a clean and sterile environment. Pharmaceutical laboratories need to adhere to strict quality standards while producing life-saving medications and healthcare solutions.

Retail Warehouses

Warehouses are the heart of efficient supply chains, but they endure substantial wear and tear. The challenge stems from heavy equipment, such as forklifts and pallet jacks, which can cause concrete surfaces to deteriorate. Additionally, the risk of moisture absorption can weaken the concrete slab, posing structural concerns.

Coating with concrete sealer offers a practical solution by hardening and protecting the floors. This protective layer reduces damage caused by equipment and maintains the integrity of the concrete. By doing so, it not only creates a safer working environment, but also contributes to cost savings through reduced maintenance needs.

Chemical Manufacturing Plants

Chemical facilities handle a wide range of corrosive substances, which can lead to surface degradation over time. Furthermore, the absorption of moisture can create safety hazards within these environments.

Ashford Formula sealer is a vital solution for chemical manufacturing plants as it offers protection against both chemical exposure, concrete dusting and moisture absorption. By providing a durable, non-porous surface, it ensures a safer working environment. It will also extend the life of the concrete floors, reducing the need for costly replacement and ensuring long-term operational efficiency.

Cold Storage Facilities

Any facility with a cold storage area must withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and moisture levels to maintain the integrity of stored goods. Concrete can crack and deteriorate under these challenging conditions.

Adding a concrete sealer addresses this challenge by providing durability and moisture resistance. It makes sure the concrete floors remain structurally sound and safe for the storage of temperature-sensitive items, contributing to the reliability and efficiency of cold storage operations.

Why Your Business Needs Ashford Formula Sealer

Utilizing an Ashford Formula concrete sealer represents a paramount decision for any business seeking to safeguard and maximize the value of their concrete investment. Whether it’s a new concrete slab in a state-of-the-art facility, or a well-worn basement floor in a warehouse in need of renewal, there are advantages using this exceptional product for long lasting protection.

Ashford Formula, renowned among concrete floor sealers, stands as an embodiment of innovation and protection. It forms an acrylic barrier, elevating the concrete floor surface to new heights of resilience. This not only combats the relentless menace of concrete dust, preserving the aesthetics of your space, but also reinforces the concrete’s structural integrity, ensuring longevity.

In this commitment to safeguarding your concrete investment, Ashford Formula emerges as the best choice, providing not just surface protection. It is a testament that defines your business’s commitment to excellence.

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