High Traffic – High Wear Areas

Prime Polymers’ wear resistant flooring systems are specifically designed to stand up to heavy foot and equipment traffic and harsh conditions.

Our wear resistant floors deliver a perfect solution for traffic aisles and pedestrian aisles, here’s why:

  • We can offer designated marking color combinations
  • We can provide complementing traffic line colors
  • Our high wear floors deliver a higher degree of abrasion resistance
  • Floors remain attractive for longer periods of time without the need to repair or replace
  • Cost savings since floor repair or floor replacement is not needed as often with wear resistant flooring

Prime Polymers has installed hundreds of wear resistant flooring systems in a wide range of industries.  Our highly experienced installation teams have serviced just about every industry since our company’s inception almost 25 years ago.

If your facility can benefit for wear resistant flooring systems, call Prime Polymers today.  Our highly trained staff can provide an in-depth review of your facility and quote!