Low Odor Industrial and Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating

Prime Polymers’ low odor epoxy floor coatings offer an excellent solution for any industrial or commercial facility.  We understand the importance of low odor flooring systems because we have manufactured and installed them for 2 decades!

No facility wants to disrupt the work day by disturbing its employees and visitors with a bothersome odor.

Odor occurs during the chemical curing process and typically proper ventilation/airflow is a viable solution, but some areas may not be able to ventilate properly.  Prime Polymers’ low odor flooring systems is a perfect solution!

  • Minimal downtime
  • No disruption of operations or shut-downs
  • No expensive rescheduling of workdays
  • Far less distraction to employees and visitors
  • 100% epoxy coating
  • Moisture cured urethanes with up to 90% plus solids
  • Meets USDA requirements
  • Moisture vapor mitigating
  • Solid color or colored chip floors

Call Prime Polymers today to discuss your low odor flooring requirements.  Our highly experience team will thoroughly evaluate your facility and provide recommendations based on your needs and budget!

Prime Polymers has been an industry leader in industrial flooring systems since 1994.  Our high quality products and exceptional work ethic has enabled our business to grow because of customer referrals.  There is no greater recognition of great work than a customer referral!  We would be happy to provide referrals upon request.