Maintenance / Machine Shop Flooring

Prime Polymers Inc. offers a single source, turn-key solution for all your maintenance or machine shop flooring needs.

Prime Polymers has vast experience and superior technical expertise in delivering industrial flooring solutions for maintenance areas and machine shops. The daily abuse and demands placed on a machine shop or any industrial floor for that matter requires flooring systems that will deliver years of durability and safety.  Prime Polymer flooring systems are uniquely developed and have the compressive strength to withstand heavy equipment, abrasive material, corrosive agents and so much more.

Prime Polymers’ machine shop floor coating systems deliver exceptional results for (but not limited to): 

  • Metal Fabrication facilities
  • Automotive repair shops
  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Industrial training facilities
  • Component –  parts manufacturing
  • Technical school machine shops
  • Heavy duty production operations

Prime Polymers’ industrial flooring systems deliver a multitude of benefits including:

If your facility floor needs attention, call Prime Polymers today to schedule a free no obligation quote with our extremely knowledgeable flooring experts.

Fast turnaround service with unparalleled customer service and exceptional flooring systems to fulfill any machine shop requirement.