Easy to Clean Flooring Systems

Industrial floors take the greatest abuse of any building surface and thus maintenance is required to properly protect the flooring surface. The good news is Prime Polymers’ flooring systems are developed for ease of maintenance and thus reduces maintenance time and expense!

Easy to clean flooring systems provide a host of benefits including:

  • Reduction of bacterial growth which is vitally important for healthcare facilities, food and beverage plants and restaurants.
  • Provides a clean environment for employees and customers
  • Reduces maintenance time for those who are tasked with maintenance
  • Expense reduction for cleaning materials
  • Scrubbing can wear down a floor’s surface, but less cleaning means less wear!

Keeping your floors clean, safe and beautiful

Dirt is abrasive and when carried on shoes and equipment, it can act like sandpaper on the floor finish.  To reduce the effect of dirt on a floor finish we recommend:

  • Sweep daily with broom or power sweeper (soft nylon bristle brush)
  • Scrub floors at least once a week using clean equipment and water.
  • Quickly clean all spills
  • Repair scratches or gouges as soon as possible
  • Avoid dragging or sliding equipment or pallets across the floor.
  • Avoid dropping sharp or heavy items
  • Avoid spinning truck wheels
  • Avoid using harsh/caustic cleaning solutions
  • Avoid using stiff bristles brushes
  • Use moderate foaming detergent that can be easily rinsed with hot or cold water
  • For oil and grease, use high alkaline, non caustic industrial detergent 

Prime Polymers’ flooring systems are durable and long lasting even in harsh conditions but proper maintenance is required.  Our easy to clean flooring systems makes the job hassle-free!