Easy to Clean Epoxy Flooring Systems

Easy to Clean Epoxy Flooring Systems

Industrial floors take the greatest abuse of any building surface and thus maintenance is required to properly protect the flooring surface. The good news is Prime Polymers’ flooring systems are developed for ease of maintenance, thus reducing maintenance time and expense!

Benefits of Easy to Clean Epoxy Floors

Easy to clean epoxy flooring systems provide a host of benefits including:

Reduction of Bacterial Growth

Epoxy coatings offer a significant advantage in industrial settings by reducing the growth of harmful bacteria. Its seamless and non-porous surface leaves no room for cracks or crevices where bacteria can hide and multiply. This inherent feature creates a hygienic environment where maintaining cleanliness is more straightforward. Furthermore, epoxy’s resistance to moisture and various chemicals discourages bacterial growth, which is essential in industries where sanitation and safety are paramount. By minimizing bacteria, businesses can provide a healthier and safer workplace for employees and reduce the risk of contamination or illness.

Clean Epoxy Floor Environments for Employees

An epoxy floor surface goes beyond just being easy to clean; it actively contributes to creating cleaner working environments for employees. Its smooth and even surface eliminates the accumulation of dust, dirt, or debris, making routine cleaning with a gallon of hot water and a deck brush a breeze. A clean epoxy floor is not only aesthetically pleasing but also enhances employee comfort and well-being. Employees working in clean, well-maintained environments are more likely to feel motivated and productive, leading to a positive impact on overall workplace morale.

Reduced Maintenance of Epoxy Floors

One of the primary advantages of epoxy flooring is its remarkable durability, resulting in significantly reduced maintenance requirements. An epoxy surface can withstand heavy foot traffic, machinery, and exposure to various chemicals without displaying signs of wear and tear. This resilience translates to less frequent repairs or replacements of the entire floor, saving businesses both time and money in the long term.

Save on Cleaning Supplies with Epoxy Floor Coating

The ease of cleaning epoxy flooring directly translates into substantial cost savings on cleaning supplies and labor. Because an epoxy floor is resistant to stains and contaminants, businesses can reduce their reliance on cleaning agents, detergents, and solvents. Also, the streamlined cleaning process with warm water requires less manpower and less time investment. These cost-effective benefits not only optimize the budget, but also contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to facility maintenance.

Cleaning Won’t Wear Down Epoxy Floors

Unlike some other flooring options, routine maintenance cleaning does not compromise the integrity of epoxy floors. Epoxy floor coatings remain highly resistant to abrasion and chemical damage, ensuring the flooring’s durability remains intact over time. This means that businesses can maintain a pristine appearance without worrying about the cleaning process wearing down or degrading the surface of the floor. Epoxy floor coatings continue to provide long-lasting functionality, even in high-traffic areas or environments with stringent cleaning requirements.

Enhanced Safety with Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy flooring can be further customized with slip-resistant additives, significantly enhancing safety in industrial settings. This customization is especially important in areas prone to liquid spills or wet conditions. The slip-resistant properties of epoxy floor coatings reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, making it a valuable choice for businesses committed to prioritizing workplace safety. By minimizing slip and fall incidents, businesses not only protect their employees but also reduce potential liability concerns.

Chemical Resistance of Epoxy Floor Coatings

Exceptional resistance to a wide range of chemicals is a critical asset for businesses in various industries. The chemical resistance effectively shields both the epoxy coating surface and the underlying concrete substrate from chemical damage. This resistance extends the lifespan of the epoxy flooring and ensures it remains unaffected by accidental spills or exposure to corrosive substances. In environments where chemical exposure is common, such as manufacturing or laboratories, epoxy flooring provides long-term durability and cost savings by avoiding frequent repairs or replacement.

Aesthetic Versatility of Epoxy Floor

Epoxy flooring offers businesses the advantage of aesthetic versatility. With a myriad of colors, patterns, and finishes available, epoxy floors can be customized to match their brand identity or create a visually appealing environment. This is a great solution for auto dealerships, fire station bay-garage floor The ability to tailor the appearance of the entire floor enhances its overall aesthetics, creating a professional and inviting atmosphere. This can leave a positive impression on clients, visitors, and employees alike, reinforcing the company’s image and brand reputation.

Toughest Spills to Clean

Oil and Grease Spills

Oil and grease spills which occur frequently on commercial and industrial garage floors, are notorious for being challenging to clean up. These substances can seep into the pores of the flooring, causing staining and making the floor surface slippery. They often require a specialized cleaning solution or a combination of hot water and soap-based cleaners to break down and remove the oils effectively. In some cases, steel wool may be necessary to scrub away stubborn stains without damaging the floor.

Chemical Spills

These can pose a significant threat to industrial floor surfaces. Depending on the type of chemicals involved, they can lead to discoloration, surface etching, or even deterioration of the floor coating. Cleaning solutions specifically designed for chemical spills are typically required to neutralize and remove the harmful substances.

Acidic Spills

Spills containing strong acids like sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, can be extremely detrimental t0 floors. They can cause rapid corrosion and degradation of the floor coatings, resulting in pitting and loss of adhesion. Neutralizing and cleaning these spills promptly with a suitable cleaning solution is crucial to prevent long-term damage. Abrasive materials should never be used, as they can worsen the harm caused by acidic substances.

Food and Beverage Spills

It may seem less harmful, but food and beverage can still pose challenges . Over time, organic matter like food particles and sugary liquids can attract pests and lead to staining and surface deterioration. Cleaning these spills with hot water and soap-based cleaners is effective, as it removes the residue and helps maintain the cleanliness and appearance of the floor surface.

Paint and Ink Spills

Paint and ink spills can be tough to clean, as they tend to adhere strongly to floor surfaces. If not addressed promptly, these spills can leave unsightly stains and may require specialized cleaning solutions designed for paint and ink removal.

Reduce Effect of Dirt

Dirt is abrasive, and when carried on shoes and equipment, it can act like sandpaper on the floor finish.  To reduce the effect of dirt on a floor finish we recommend:

  • Sweep daily with a broom or power sweeper (soft nylon bristle brush)
  • Scrub floors at least once a week using clean equipment and water.
  • Quickly clean all spills
  • Repair scratches or gouges as soon as possible
  • Avoid dragging or sliding equipment or pallets across the floor
  • Avoid dropping sharp or heavy items
  • Avoid spinning truck wheels
  • Avoid using harsh/caustic cleaning solutions
  • Avoid using stiff bristles brushes
  • Use moderate foaming detergent that can be easily rinsed with hot or cold water
  • For oil and grease, use high alkaline, non caustic industrial detergent 

Prime Polymers’ flooring systems are durable and long lasting even in harsh conditions, but proper maintenance is required.  Our easy to clean flooring systems makes the job hassle-free!

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