Fire Station & EMS Flooring Systems

Prime Polymers Inc. offers a single source, turn-key solution for fire, EMS and rescue facilities.

By selecting Prime Polymers as your floor resurfacing contractor, you’ll benefit from a team dedicated to making your flooring project a complete success. Our sales and installation teams have decades of experience handling all phases of fire station flooring projects.

The safety and well being of those that rely on fire and EMS services begins with the safety within the rescue facility itself.  Imagine EMTs and fire personnel slipping on the fire station floors or tripping on cracks or crumbling flooring.  To ensure the safety of the residents within a community, the fire station or rescue facility must be safe as well.

The Prime Polymer team works closely with facility managers and fire chiefs to determine the very best flooring solution that will meet the rigorous demands of a busy fire station.

Prime’s extensive experience installing fire station flooring for engine bays means you can be assured the most durable flooring will be installed in the timeliest manner.  Downtime is kept to a minimum because we understand what is at stake when a facility is not able to service the needs of a city.

Prime Polymers’ fire station and rescue facility floor coating systems deliver the following benefits:

  • Withstands heavy traffic and equipment
  • Slip/skid resistant
  • Grease and solvent resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Chemical resistant topcoats
  • Floor markings and safety striping can be included
  • Fire station logo can be added to the floor finish
  • Large selection of colors, textures and patterns
  • Specially formulated flooring systems designed to handle daily demands of a busy fire station

If you are considering a floor resurfacing project for your fire station or rescue facility, call the industry leaders…. Prime Polymers!