Chemical Wash-down Areas

Prime Polymers Industrial Flooring Specialists – delivering a single source, turn-key flooring solution for chemical wash-down areas

As the name suggests, chemical wash-down areas are subject to a continuous battery of harsh, corrosive chemicals. As such, flooring degradation can occur relatively quickly if impervious protective floor coatings are not used. Acids, solvents and other chemical compounds may be absorbed by the flooring surface and thus can deteriorate from within the concrete slab itself.

Prime Polymers’ team of industrial flooring experts has extensive experience and exceptional technical knowledge to deliver the best flooring solution for chemical wash-down areas.

As a single source, turn-key floor coating contractor we not only manufacture the highest quality products, our team understands the stringent requirements a flooring solution must adhere to.

Our full line of chemical/corrosive resistant flooring systems delivers durable, long-lasting results. Whether you need a floor coating system for a commercial, industrial or institutional wash-down area, we will ensure the job is completed to your full satisfaction and in the timeliest manner.

Prime Polymers’ flooring systems deliver exceptional results each and every time… here’s why!

· Superior strength against harsh chemicals, grease, oils, solvents and more!

· Long lasting results

· Antimicrobial properties

· Slip resistant

· Stain resistant

· Easy to maintain

· Top installation teams

· Minimal downtime

· One of the best warranties in the industry

We will be happy to provide references upon request! With more than 2 decades of industrial floor coating experience, we can provide dozens and dozens of satisfied customers.

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