Decorative coating systems have many benefits including

  • High durability
  • Seamless
  • Chemical and stain resistant top-coats
  • Offers several degrees of non-slip
  • Suitable for new or renovated concrete
  • Available in satin or gloss
  • Unlimited color combinations available.

Vinyl Flake

We offer two systems of unlimited color combinations.  Saturated vinyl flake systems and Sporadic vinyl flake systems.

In a Saturation system color flakes are broadcasted into the wet epoxy to rejection.   Once cured excess, loose flake are swept and vacuumed off to ensure a total saturation and bonding of flake.  A grout coat of epoxy is applied to lock in and seal the remaining flake.   Once this process has cured a chemical resistant UV Urethane will provide the final top-coat.

A Sporadic vinyl flake system would be slightly different.  In this system the vinyl flake are broadcasted sporadically into the air.  The flakes will land in non-uniform sporadic pattern.   The primary color of the floor will still be visible but complemented by the decorative flake. Once cured a top-coat of chemical resistant UV urethane is added for durability and to seal the flake in from contact with the environment.