Non-Slip Epoxy Floor Coating

Every business large or small is concerned with slip and fall risks for employees and customers alike.  Some industries are intrinsically susceptible to slips and fall because of grease, oil, chemicals and water itself.

Prime Polymers high performance epoxy floor coatings can be formulated with variety of non slip finishes, from mild to coarse textures.  Whether your facility is a high slip risk, or you simply want some slip protection, we can fulfill any requirement.

As a leading installer of non slip epoxy flooring for nearly two decades, Prime Polymers has installed thousands of floors in a multitude of industries including:

Prime Polymers’ non slip floor coating is specifically designed to protect against slip hazards and to minimize slip and fall accidents. Many facilities require varying degrees of non slip flooring, from coarse texture for maintenance areas to mild texture for customer service areas.  No matter what level of non slip floor coating is needed, Prime Polymer flooring systems deliver peace of mind against slips and falls. We can customize our flooring systems for industries with unique requirements and that may need greater protection.

Our teams of flooring experts carefully and thoroughly assess your flooring environments and recommend the best flooring solutions for you.  We are a single source provider which means we will manufacture and install all flooring systems and have full control of every aspect of your project.  Not only that, our warranty is second to none which means we stand behind our work! 

Our slip resistant flooring system options and benefits include:

  • Many degrees of non slip protection
  • Textured
  • Angular or round
  • Round sand is scrubber safe and does not snag mops
  • Glass bead – round spherical
  • Aluminum oxide
  • Sand broadcast systems to saturation
  • Sporadic sand broadcast systems
  • Meet USDA requirements
  • Durable and long wearing
  • Decorative options: high gloss or satin finish and we can add safety markings, striping and company logos.
  • Color options too!
  • Installed with little downtime at your convenience

Call Prime Polymers today to discuss your non slip/slip resistant flooring needs.  You’ll like what we have to say, and we will ensure your project is completed by the most experienced installation teams and quality materials our industry has to offer.