Super EMS Epoxy Mortar System Resin Rich 12,500 psi

When searching for a long-term solution to badly pitted, cracked and worn floors epoxy mortar systems are typically the answer.  Our Super EMS Mortar is installed by a screed box at 3/16” to ¼” and power-troweled to finish.  This resin rich system has a fill ratio of 11.9% : 1  resin to hardener vs a traditional resurfacer of 7.41:1.  A resin rich system will provide higher compression strength combined with increased impact resistance.  It will also greatly improve abrasion resistance.  This system is less porous, providing a denser product with improved chemical resistance.  Traditionally our mortar is pigmented the primary color of the top-coats applied.

Primary benefits when choosing a mortar system:

  • Withstands heavy duty traffic.
  • Impact-resistant
  • Added abrasion resistance
  • 12,500 plus psi.
  • Excellent chemical resistant properties
  • VOC compliant
  • Higher compression strength
  • Top-coats are available in several degrees of non-slip.

Typical installations for Epoxy Mortar Systems

  • Loading docks
  • Drive aisles
  • Wet process areas
  • Areas that have been exposed to acids, caustics, grease, oil, animal fats.
  • Steel wheel cart traffic
  • Heavy forklift traffic

System installation overview:

  • Shot-blast / diamond grind to clean and profile concrete
  • Key in around drains, doorways, transitions
  • Pre-fill low or heavily pitted cracked areas.
  • Prime
  • Install Super EMS Mortar System with power-trowel finish.
  • Cure
  • Grind to remove surface imperfections
  • Cut & fill joints
  • Install coating systems.