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Floor Preparation

Adequate floor preparation is a fundamental step in achieving a high-quality epoxy floor coating when resurfacing concrete floors. This is why we strongly recommend floor preparation is performed for every epoxy coating project we undertake. Floor preparation involves meticulous cleaning and surface refinement, creating an optimal foundation for the subsequent epoxy coatings. Properly prepared surfaces enhance the longevity and resilience of the entire floor, making it an excellent choice for facilities. To protect and enhance the overall quality of the flooring project, thorough floor preparation is required.


The use of mechanical grinding equipment is indispensable when working with concrete floors. These machines are employed to eliminate any pre-existing coatings or surface imperfections, ensuring that the floor is smooth and even prior to application. We take pride in our meticulous preparation, ensuring a successful epoxy floor installation by providing an ideal substrate for adhesion.

Shot Blasting with Dust Control

Shot blasting, accompanied by comprehensive dust control measures, is a pivotal stage in the floor preparation process, especially on concrete surfaces. This method not only toughens the floor, but also effectively removes contaminants. By doing so, shot blasting significantly enhances the quality and durability of the epoxy floor coating, offering long-lasting protection and structural integrity.

Pre-Filling Prior to Super EMS Mortar System

To achieve the highest quality epoxy floor, it is imperative to address any cracks or surface imperfections in the concrete substrate. This is achieved by carefully filling such irregularities with appropriate filler material. This pre-filling step contributes to creating a perfectly level surface that not only enhances the overall quality of the epoxy flooring job, but also ensures the longevity and durability of the finished product.

Super EMS Mortar Install

The installation of the Super EMS mortar system is a critical phase in the process of enhancing the durability of a floor with epoxy coatings. This involves diligently mixing epoxy resin, hardener, and aggregate to create a tough and level flooring base. This strong foundation serves as the canvas upon which the epoxy floor will be applied, establishing the long-term protection and quality of the surface.

Dust Evacuation Equipment

Dust evacuation equipment, such as powerful vacuum systems, play an important role throughout the entire epoxy flooring project. By maintaining a clean and dust-free work environment, this equipment significantly contributes to making the job easier for our installers. It also helps to improve the quality and durability of the epoxy floor coating.

Dramatic Grinders with Dust Evacuation

The use of advanced dramatic grinders, complemented by robust dust evacuation systems, elevates the quality of surface refinement during the preparation process. This refinement helps with the proper adhesion of the top coat, resulting in a flawless epoxy floor finish.

Shot Blasting with Dust Control

The shot blasting process with dust control measures ensures the overall quality of epoxy coatings on industrial floors. This method not only maintains a clean and debris-free surface, but also enhances the adhesion capabilities of the epoxy coatings. The outcome is a high-quality epoxy floor finish that is strong and long-lasting.

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