Thermal Shock Resistant

What does thermal shock resistant mean?

A material that is thermal shock resistant can resist rapid and sudden changes in temperature.

For instance, a common occurrence that produces a thermal shock in a material is a temperature or thermal gradient.  A thermal gradient causes random expansions at various points within the material.  This phenomenon creates areas of stress and strain on the material at multiple points during the operation thus rendering it susceptible to fracturing and becoming potential unsafe.

Thermal shock resistance is the property of a material that makes it resistant to sudden and rapid temperature changes.  Materials that have high thermal shock resistant properties can withstand large temperature variations.

Thermal shocks are generated when materials are operated inefficiently or posses certain defects.  These particular issues cause stress and strain causing the temperature at these junctions to drastically increase.  This temperature increase can render the material subject to failure at any point in time.

Prime Polymers’ thermal shock resistant flooring significantly reduces the chance for damage caused by severe temperature changes.  The industrial floor coating experts at Prime Polymers will work with you to determine the best thermal shock resistant flooring for your facility.

Thermal shock resistant flooring is a great solution for:

Prime Polymers’ team of industrial flooring experts have years of thermal shock resistant floor coating experience.  Our installations teams are highly trained and have installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of thermal shock flooring in a host of industrial and commercial facilities.

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