High Temperature Epoxy Novolac

Brute-Chem Epoxy Novolac Flexible High Temperature (ENFHT)

Brute-Chem ENFHT is a high solid, low VOC epoxy novolac coating that is formulated for high chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and is flexible to help bridge cracks. The Brute-Chem ENFHT offers excellent wear ability, high gloss, good gloss retention, excellent chemical resistance, excellent impact resistance and good crack bridging. It can be applied clear or pigmented.

The Brute-Chem ENFHT was formulated to be used as a Primer and topcoat system.

System may be applied neat to obtain the highest elongation and crack bridging. For higher temperature applications the materials should be applied clear as a primer at 10 mils, then 14 mils applied with a saturation broadcast and then 14 mils to seal the broadcast. This will provide the highest temperature resistance. ENFHT will withstand 250°F dry or 170°F wet. Chemical resistance should be tested at this temperature for each situation use/distribution.