Coating Systems 16 – 25 MILS.

When choosing a coating system several factors can apply.  Coating systems are normally applied over concrete substrates to provide a durable surface for industrial applications.  It is always best to determine what it is you want to accomplish prior to choosing a system.  Epoxy systems would be a starting point, however in some cases a chemical resistant urethane will also be necessary.   Urethanes will offer better stain resistance, clean-ability, and UV resistance over the long term.  Aluminum oxides can be integrated for better abrasion resistance.  We can also offer a finer non-slip in a urethane than a traditional epoxy coating.  These integrated non-slips are mechanical scrubber friendly to preserve and maintain your investment.

System installation overview – Basic (3) coat 20 – 25 mil. system

  • Shot blast or diamond grind substrate
  • Clean & fill joints with flexible polyurea.
  • Vacuum
  • Patch cracks and divots
  • Install (1) coat pigmented primer @ 8 mils.
  • Cure
  • Sand
  • Install additional patching if necessary.
  • Install (1) pigmented mid coat of epoxy @ 8 – 12 mils. – broadcast non-slip if desired.
  • Cure
  • Install (1) top-coat pigmented chemical resistant urethane with integrated non-slip.
  • Option to install traffic lines / demarcation lines.
  • 18-24-hour cure.