Broadcast Systems 90+ Mils

A broadcast system is primarily used when flooring conditions are in need for better impact resistance than a coating.  This can be achieved by distributing the point of impact across the floor surface.  Broadcast systems would also be useful for environments looking for a clean-able non-slip surface.     These systems are epoxy based, with a sand aggregate broadcasted to excess into the wet coat of epoxy.  Once cured, the excess sand is vacuumed off and a grout / seal coat of 100% solid epoxy is applied.   After a cure cycle a chemical resistant urethane can be added for color stability and chemical resistance.

General system installation overview.

  • Shot-blast / diamond grind substrate
  • Clean / vacuum
  • Clean & fill joints
  • Patch cracks and divots
  • Apply (1) pigmented epoxy primer @ 12 mils.
  • Broadcast to excess sand aggregate
  • Cure
  • Vacuum
  • Apply (1) grout / seal coat of epoxy @ 14 mils.
  • Cure
  • Option on (1) top-coat chemical resistant urethane.